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Founded in 1926, Hans Kniebes offers premium manicure and men’s grooming sets in fine grain leather cases made in Germany to the highest quality standards. Hot forged stainless steel ensures the cutting edge stays sharper for longer, so the nail instruments delight with impeccable sharpness and precision. Details such as real buffalo horn handles on the instruments and elaborate detailing of the leather cases highlight the everlasting value of Hans Kniebes gift sets.

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Hans Kniebes Leather Pedicure Set Heavy Duty

Heavy duty Solingen pedicure set in luxury leather case is a perfect gift for someone with very thick toenails. It includes a heavy duty toenail nipper with solid blades and a strong barrel spring, Learn More

Hans Kniebes Classic Leather Pedicure Set

Expertly sharpened Solingen nail instruments and beautifully presented in an elegant black leather case is what makes Hans Kniebes pedicure set a sought-after gift for toenail care. Solingen is Learn More

Hans Kniebes Classic Leather Manicure Set

Premium Solingen leather manicure set by Hans Kniebes is crafted by hand from fine stainless steel Inox and includes four durable nail instruments designed to last a lifetime. The steel has been Learn More

Hans Kniebes Leather Manicure Set Buffalo Horn

Hans Kniebes’ passion for combining the finest materials results in the manicure set with an exclusive character. The instruments are hand crafted from hot-forged stainless steel Inox and Learn More

Hans Kniebes Framed Leather Manicure Set

All women's favourite, luxury Hans Kniebes manicure set features high quality Solingen nail instruments crafted by hand and individually tested by skilled Solingen artisans. It includes professional Learn More

Hans Kniebes Leather Manicure Roll

Solingen manicure sets are world-renown for flawless precision, sharp and durable cutting instruments. In this manicure set, Hans Kniebes combines seven ultimate Solingen nail tools with an expertly Learn More

Hans Kniebes Moustache Grooming Kit

Hans Kniebes luxury moustache grooming kit includes the highest quality gear to keep moustache in top shape. It is crafted in Germany by experts in men’s grooming and comes beautifully Learn More

Hans Kniebes Men's Shaving & Grooming Leather Kit

Stunning gift for a man who likes his grooming gear well organised. It features high quality tools for manicure and pedicure made in Solingen Germany with guaranteed sharpness of the cutting edge. Learn More

Hans Kniebes Solingen Straight Razor 5/8” Wood Handle

Made in Germany, Hans Kniebes Solingen straight razor offers ultra-premium Solingen quality for traditional shavers. Straight Razor features a 5/8", full hollow, high carbon blade. The blade has Learn More

Hans Kniebes Straight razor 5/8” Acrylic Plastic Handle

This authentic Solingen razors is the ideal gift for a men who appreciates a close shaving that only a straight razor can offer. Hans Kniebes craftsmen make sure that each cut throat razor is Learn More

Hans Kniebes Beard Grooming Kit

Hans Kniebes believes that every bearded men deserves the tools to keep their beard looking great for a lifetime. So do us. Hans Kniebes beard grooming kit is the ultimate gift for a man who loves Learn More

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