Niegeloh Topinox Nail And Cuticle Scissors

Quick Overview

Authentic Solingen nail and cuticle scissors Topinox represent the best possible quality in the manicure world. They are also called combination scissors and feature regular blades for cutting nails and very fine tips for detailing cuticles. The scissors are hand crafted in Germany of specially tempered Topinox stainless steel renowned for impeccable cutting precision and sharpness that lasts. Topinox is Niegeloh’s best in professional quality and has been approved for decades in the finest surgical instruments. Topinox scissors go through up to 18 precision grinding steps and the blades are individually sharpened. Each pair has a noble satin finish and a 24ct gold plated screw, skilfully adjusted by hand for added durability. For a person who loves the best things in life, Topinox combined scissors make a luxurious gift towards their next manicure.

Product Code: 44818


• Made in Solingen Germany
• Material: Topinox stainless steel, specially tempered to keep the sharpness of the cutting edge for a lifetime
• 24 carat gold plated screw
• Satin finish, polished blades
• Slightly curved, regular blades narrowing towards the tips
• About the manufacturer: Niegeloh Solingen puts quality first and brings innovative approaches to making the finest manicure and pedicure instruments since 1936.
• Package: Traditional hang and sell blister