Niegeloh Professional Slant Tweezers Topinox

Quick Overview

Steeped in the finest German manufacturing traditions, Niegeloh has been producing the world’s best tweezers since 1936. Hand crafted by senior Solingen experts, they are distinguished by immaculate precision and grab unwanted hairs unmistakeably. Specially tempered Topinox stainless steel is Niegeloh’s best in professional quality and goes through precision grinding process to ensure the tips keep their sharpness and precision for a lifetime. For added benefit, Topinox is made with absolute minimum amount of chemicals and makes a perfect companion for sensitive skin. Professional line of Niegeloh tweezers is ideal for at home or salon use and features manually honed and aligned tips, noble satin finish, wide grips and fully sterilisable stainless steel. Authentic Solingen quality, they are the ultimate luxury in the tweezers world.

Product Code: 19208



  • About manufacturer: Niegeloh Solingen is the leading German manufacturer of the finest manicure sets and beauty tools, distinguished by premium quality, innovative design and lifetime performance
  • Material: Topinox stainless steel, rust free, antiallergic and sterilisable
  • Slant precision tips
  • Noble satin finish 
  • Length 9 cm 
  • Traditional hang and sell blister