Niegeloh Imantado Zip L Leather Pedicure Set Heavy Duty

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There he is, sexy and smart, a man who likes to enjoy life to its fullest. The Imantado Zip L set is specially made for taking care of very thick nails and comes gift ready in a soft luxury leather case with robust metal zipper. This is an authentic German pedicure set crafted in the steel heart of the country – the city of Solingen known to the world for the first class knives that cut beautifully for many years. Topinox instruments are made of surgical stainless steel which has been specially tempered to keep the sharpness of the cutting edge for a lifetime. Solingen pedicure set for thick toenails makes a great gift for someone who is looking to invest in a top notch quality nail instruments so thick nail grooming becomes a breeze.

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Leather Niegeloh pedicure set Imantado Zip L is expertly designed to take care of thick toenails. It is made in Solingen Germany and features a heavy duty toenail nipper with solid blades and a strong barrel spring. The nipper has a wide opening to grab even very thick toenails and takes only a soft squeeze to trim off the excess nail length. Comfortable ergonomics with non-slip grips and the most optimal size ensure it fits well in the palm.

The set also features long handled toenail scissors Topinox with a gold-plated screw and precision blades so they cut toenails evenly and smoothly. The nail file is made entirely of stainless steel, including the handle, with sufficient amount of chromium and even filing surface, so it will last for a long time. Fingernail clippers Topinox have award-winning design and improved ergonomics, with perfectly sharpened blades and Swiss bolts similar to those used in the watch industry.

• Material: Topinox stainless steel with noble satin finish. Topinox is rust-free, nickel-free and sterilisable.
• Type: Pedicure and manicure
• Audience: Men
• Case: Soft full grain cowhide on both inside and outside of the case which closes with a metal zipper
• Number of instruments: 6
  Long handled toenail scissors, heavy duty toenail nipper, fingernail clipper, slanted tweezers, stainless steel nail file, nail cleaner.
• About manufacturer: Niegeloh Solingen puts quality first and brings innovative approaches to making the finest manicure and pedicure instruments since 1936.
• Packaging: Premium white box with a green bow.