Hercules Sagemann Scalp Brush Black

Quick Overview

Premium scalp brush by German experts in luxury hair brushes is unique in every possible way. It is crafted by Hercules Sagemann – Europe’s oldest manufacturer of the highest quality combs and brushes that offer the best hair care. Extra flexible, heat resistant nylon pins are set in a special way in the strong acrylic body. They gently remove knots from the hair without hair-damaging pulls or rips, and feel particularly pleasant on scalp. Combination of long and short pins makes it a great all-rounder for hair detangling and general brushing on wet and dry hair. Smart design is perfect for fatigue-free use and suitable for all types of hair, including extensions. Hercules scalp brush is sure to delight the most sophisticated customer who likes their hair look and feel great.

Product Code: 8200



  • Antistatic and heat-resistant nylon pins set in a special way
  • Strong acrylic handle and body in rich black colour
  • Number of rows 6
  • Length 21 cm
  • Manufacturer - Hercules Sagemann (Germany) – Europe's oldest manufacturer of the finest combs and brushes since 1856