Hercules Sagemann Boar Bristle Ceramic Round Brush Large

Quick Overview

Quality Through To The Tips. This has been the principle of Hercules Sagemann - Europe’s oldest company honoured for the best possible quality hair combs and brushes since 1856. For over 150 years, Hercules Sagemann has been producing world’s best hair brushes that meet the highest professional standards. Hercules round brush with ceramic convection barrel and luxury wood handle helps create an amazing kick and perfect shine on longer hair. It is made of natural boar bristles with rounded polyamide pins. The pins guide the hair easily through the brush while curling and avoiding hair tangles at the same time. Pure, selected boar bristles provide a firm grip on the hair which enables easy straightening and gives hair the necessary energy for maximum bounce. The ceramic coating of the body spreads the heat equally by acting as a heat accumulator, therefore the drying time is perceptibly shorter. It is a deluxe gift for naturally beautiful and healthy hair by German experts whose classics are admired by the leading salon experts all around the world.

Product Code: 9366




  • Natural boar bristles spread natural oils from roots to ends and enhance natural shine
  • Antistatic and heat-resistant, flexible elastic pins gently detangle hair 
  • Solid walnut wood body with ceramic convection barrel
  • Number of rows 18
  • Diameter: barrel 35 mm, bristles 56 mm, pins 66 mm
  • Manufacturer - Hercules Sagemann (Germany