Antica Barberia Display

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Antica Barberia is a charming collection of premium Italian shaving essentials, beard and moustache care products that highlight the skills of the barbers of ancient times. Original Citrus line is characterised by ageless masculine fragrances with precious citrus and wood notes.

Antica Barberia display is offered complimentary upon the purchase of the entire Antica Barberia collection (10 items). It is makes a perfect counter or shop window to exhibit the complete men's grooming range.

Compact, lightweight and foldable cardboard.

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About Mondial:

The story of Mondial started in a small artisan shop in the heart of Florence in 1908. Since early days, Italian passion and commitment to top quality created the brand that is admired all over the world by shaving connoisseurs.

Its Antica Barberia (Old Barbershop) collection is celebration of traditional wet barbering techniques with the highest quality shaving tools and incredibly pleasant after-shave care products to give a perfect shave to every man just like the one he'd get at the barber's.